Friday, May 4, 2012

Seattle Mist Dresser

This is a dresser that a client had me pick up from CL.  I loved the details and the hardware, but it was a mess!  It looked like someone poured some type of clear coat over a nice dresser.  I have no idea why someone would do that, it really looked like they just poured it on and walked away.  I had to sand the whole thing because the clear coat would just flake off if you ran your fingernail across it.  I painted it with a base coat of ASCP Old White then CeCe Caldwell's Seattle Mist over that and sealed with AS wax.  The hardware was sprayed with oil rubbed bronze spray paint and the top was restained with dark walnut.

Some pictures are with a flash and some without.  I have the worst lighting in my house!

These are the befores:

My client also bought this piece before I had a chance to paint it and wanted it done in the same color as the dresser just less distressed.

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  1. Hi! That was a great find - and a wonderful transformation. I have to try CeCe's paints. Are they similar ro ASCP - in the way they go on...and price-wise? I know that a blog frined, Karen from Redoux Interiors has a giveaway fro the product right now. Maybe check her out.

    Great job...

    I linked up a project on Miss Mustardseed (where i found yours). Please check mine out - I'm the "An Idea for Decorating Wainscoting).


    1. Thanks Linda! CeCe's paints are about $5 cheaper. It is a little thinner than AS and AS to me is a little easier to sand, but I like it - just bought some more today. :)

  2. Really pretty transformation - you definitely worked some magic!