Friday, January 23, 2015

Bow Front Chest in a Weathered Finish

This chest had been very well loved in the past.  It needed some glue and screws and a little wood filler here and there.  Somewhere along the way someone had taken the veneer off the top and applied a very bad stain job to the wood underneath.  I striped the top, but couldn't sand out all the glue marks.  So I used Java Gel to cover it and sanded down to the lighter color wood in some places for a rustic look to match the rest of the chest.  It had some gouges and dings that I didn't fill in because I liked that it fit in with the weathered look.  

I painted it in equal parts Graphite, Coco, and Paris Grey then gave it a wash with straight Coco, distressed, and sealed with clear wax.  This piece would look great in a foyer, rustic bedroom or nursery, dining room... anywhere really.  I love the size and shape of it because it makes it so versatile!

34"H x 21 1/2"D x 42"W

Maple Hutch

I've always heard it's hard to stain maple dark, but Java Gel does a great job!  I sanded the top down to raw wood and used one coat of Java Gel on it so the grain would still show through.    I then painted the buffet and hutch in a half and half mix of Annie Sloan's French Linen and Graphite.  Then I gave it a wash of a Graphite, Coco, and Paris Grey mix.  It's not distressed a lot, but I like that orange look of maple coming through a dark paint color.  I used Pure White on the bead board back of the hutch.  I also took the top trim piece off because in my opinion it helped to modernized it.

This piece would work well in a nursery, living room for extra storage, or of course in a dining room.  :)

49 3/4"W x 19"D x 33" H without hutch and 69" H with hutch


Friday, December 26, 2014

Mid Century Modern

Just realized I never wrote about this one.  This is my first mid century piece.  I had been watching it on Craigslist for a while.  The price got to a point where I couldn't pass it up.  I think this is the first piece I haven't done any distressing at all on!  I used Java Gel on the top and drawers and Annis Sloan's Pure White on the sides and some drawer panels.  I used polyurethane on the top and drawers and clear wax on the body.  I love the size of it and it has great storage. 

36"W x 43 1/2"H x 18 1/2"D

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Country French Coffee Table

I love everything about this table especially those curvy, chunky legs!  I refinished the top with Java Gel and painted the rest in French Linen and Pure White.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I've had a few questions about how I refinish my dresser tops so I thought I would just do a post on it.  I'll just start with a picture of all the products I use.

I start out by putting stripper on the top with a chip brush (not pictured) and let it sit for 10-15 minutes then start scraping it off with my plastic putty knife (I guess that's what it's called). There may be a few places where the poly doesn't come off so just put a little more stripper on.  It's usually ready to scrape off in 5 minutes or less.  When I have all the stripper scraped away I pour a little mineral spirits on the top and  use this tool:   

       to scrub away any leftover stripper. I take the dresser out in the sun so the mineral spirits can evaporate.  The I use my orbital sander with a 100 grit sandpaper to remove any poly left on the top.  Then switch to 220 grit for my final sanding.  I then put some mineral spirits on a paper towel and wipe away any sanding dust.  Let the mineral spirits evaporate again and I'm ready to stain.
 This is what my tops look like when I'm done removing the old finish:
At this point if feels as smooth as a baby's bum.  :)
  I put my stain on with a foam brush, leave it on around 5 minutes then wipe off any excess with an old t-shirt.  I give it at least 24 hours to dry before putting Minwax Polycrylic on it.  It's water based so you need to work fairly fast so it doesn't dry.  I use a foam brush to apply this as well.  I like to start at the back middle of the dresser and work it all the way across then keep moving up until the top is done then apply to the sides.  I let the first coat dry 3-4 hours then wrap a piece of 400 grit sandpaper ( my favorite is at home depot) around a sanding block and gently sand the surface.  Use a damp paper towel to get rid of the sanding dust then repeat this 2-3 more times.  Your last application should feel nice and smooth!  I always use the satin finish just because I don't like my tops to shiny.  :)  That's it!  If you have any questions that I haven't answered, just ask and I'll be glad to answer!

Happy Refinishing!