Sunday, July 20, 2014

Singer Sewing Machine Sofa Table

When I saw this image (if anyone knows the original source let me know) floating around I knew I had to make one!  I found an old sewing machine for $30 and kept the legs and drawers.  Everything else was in really bad shape and I didn't have any use for it.  I just cleaned up the legs with soap and water and sprayed them with a satin clear coat so they wouldn't rust anymore.  I bought 2 2x10s for the top shelf, 1 2x16 for the bottom shelf, and 1 2x2 for the ends of the top shelf.  My husband joined the two boards for the top shelf and I sanded them, beat them up some, stained with Minwax special walnut, and used Annie Sloan's clear wax to seal everything.  We found some rusty lag bolts for connecting the 2x2s to the top boards and the bottom shelf to the legs.  I applied spanish copper rub n buff on the galvanized carriage bolts that we used to connect the top boards to the legs.

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Lots of pictures coming up: